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I saw the email today showing that with Prime Pro you can set up midi outs for Lyrics and Lighting cues, so I signed up before my media person bails on us again. How do I go about doing this? I have not been able to find any forums. A video would be awesome!

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on Oct, 22 - 3:50pm
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Hey everyone! We need to nominate a group leader. Any production / sound / tech people interested in leading this group?

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Hello, please assist me with my software and equipment setup for traditional music ministry. I have: Android phone Samsung Galaxy 8+ HP Notebook Windows 7 Ableton live 9 Suite Novation launchkey 49 Midi files Construction kits MP3 WAV Multi tracks Several download tutorials Audacity PSR S670 Yamaha keyboard Can you please provide price for one on one, or recommend a Tutor? Respectfully, DLMH "Always give Thanks"

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Has anyone had success with a long (30ft or longer) USB extension cable? Sometimes I’d like to run Prime a considerable distance from my interface. My current setup: I am running Prime app on iOS thru a lighting camera adapter to a usb hub, where I connect my interface (Presonus 1818vsl) and a 3-button Midi footswitch (Logidy). I think it’s gonna take a POWERED extension cable; I had been using a 30ft unpowered cable, but the audio ends up lagging out (pausing or hesitating momentarily) mid-song, which throws the band off and is an interruption in the tracks’ audio that the audience can hear. Just wandering if anybody is using an extension cable that will work without interruptions for USB audio?

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Hey everyone, I haven't been able to find much information on this so I thought I'd see if anyone here has a similar setup. I am currently running Ableton Live from a Windows laptop which has been working pretty well. We also use ProPresenter on an iMac, run by a volunteer, and ShowXpress on another Windows PC, also run by a volunteer. I'm looking for a way to control everything from the laptop but haven't had much luck getting things to communicate. The other issue is that the laptop is on stage being controlled by myself or another band member to start/stop tracks and the other computers are connected to video/lighting equipment in the booth. I've tried using rtpMidi but haven't had any luck getting it to talk to either the video or lighting software. I know OSX has the wifi midi drivers built in but I don't currently have the funds to purchase a Macbook. In all the videos and tutorials I've found they're using Mac's, which would be ideal, but I don't have unlimited resources. Just curious if anyone has done anything similar with any success and if there are workarounds I may be missing.

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SO i recently bought the track Victory by Hillsong Worship from, and i uploaded it to my prime cloud. The time of the song is 4/4 however in one part of the song, a "tag" doesn't last a full measure and ultimately it makes the synchronization of the markers and tracks be off by half a measure from the bridge on. I know this might sound stupid, but is there a way to include different time measures so I could be able to have greater customization ability so in turn I could assign accurate markers to the song? Is there a way to remedy this? I attached an image of what I mean, like be able to set up a marker in the middle of a measure where the arrow is.

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Hey guys! I'm new to the IEM world, and I'm looking for a solid pair to buy. My church is upgrading to an IEM system, so we can start running loops. The church will likely buy "budget" IEM's for the band to use. I'll be leading worship every weekend so I'd like to buy myself a solid pair. I'm looking for any suggestions you guys may have, based on what you're using or have used in the past. I realize there isn't a "best" option out there, being that sound quality is subjective, but I'm looking for opinions nonetheless. My budget is between $500-$700, but I'm also open to hearing about more expensive options if anyone believes it to be worth it. Right now I'm looking at getting 1964 EARS, specifically the 'V6 Stage' model. Are any of you guys using those, or any other 1964 model? Thoughts? Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Hey! I uploaded this file and the guide track and tenor track have switched place. The guide is planned to the same side as the track, which ends up coming through the same channel. How can I move/adjust the guide so it pans to the same side as the click. Look at the jpg file and you'll understand.

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I'm sending zips to Prime with a resolution of 48k 24bits, and getting loops that sound way less than CD quality. Please help. I find no numbers nor emails for customer service. - Thanks anyone for helping.

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on Jul, 20 - 9:02pm
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Hello, I searched for recommendations on the forum but was not very successful. I am new to LC and looking at purchasing two direct boxes. Sorry I am not a tech person, but not sure what the differences are between all the boxes out there. Would anyone be able to give a couple of recommendations or at least a direction. We are also on a tight budget. I will be using my PC to run the loops and then feeding the boxes through the house that would then be controlled by the sound tech. The two I was looking at were the Whirlwind IMP2 and the Whirlwind Director. But if those are not good options I am open to suggestions. Thanks, Joanie

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