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Would it be possible to be running the app on an iMac and mirror the app on an iPad? ie The iMac actually plays the tracks at front of house but tracks are fired from an ipad on stage. If something goes wrong the sound guy could take over and get it fixed. I've done this with Ableton and Lemur, but it's a little clunky.

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Hi It has been several months since I have logged into Prime and when I did I am seeing that all of my songs markers have been rearranged. I did not rearrange them so I am not sure how this happened. I have tried pulling back in the original of a few songs but they all are coming down as the re-arranged version. For instance the intro is in the middle of the song and the song may start with the ending. Any ideas on what have happened to all of my songs? Thanks in advance!

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SO i recently bought the track Victory by Hillsong Worship from, and i uploaded it to my prime cloud. The time of the song is 4/4 however in one part of the song, a "tag" doesn't last a full measure and ultimately it makes the synchronization of the markers and tracks be off by half a measure from the bridge on. I know this might sound stupid, but is there a way to include different time measures so I could be able to have greater customization ability so in turn I could assign accurate markers to the song? Is there a way to remedy this? I attached an image of what I mean, like be able to set up a marker in the middle of a measure where the arrow is.

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What if theres a song you want to purchase but it isnt in your list. How you request Loop Community professionals to produce the track?

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We are wanting to give our worship leaders access to prime while at home. Can they be added to our prime account and access our tracks?

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on Jan, 15 - 1:22pm
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I was in the middle of a funeral. 1st song went off without a hitch. (We noticed in practice that some of the tracks were not coming through the sound system even though they were not turned off or soloed.) I restarted the app and it was fine. We get up to do the next song, and click or cues to start and then some of the instruments came in but not all that I had selected. I had to quickly stop it. I kinda freaked but we made it through the song. It was the first time this ever happened but I don't want it to happen again. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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on Jan, 10 - 12:49pm
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Hi there, sound operator would much prefer using a mac over the ipad (I think his main interest is the keys are easier to hit than a virtual button on the ipad). So my question is, would the cheapest Macbook air be enough to run Prime or do I need to go bigger with a macbook pro? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello, I had a question and was wondering if maybe somebody knew what the issue is that I am having. Yesterday at my church we tried using the midi control on propresenter, to add propresenter cues to Prime. It was working fine at first but then the next slide cue would skip two slides so instead of going to the next slide it would jump every two slides. Then it went crazy and was just shuffling through the whole playlist at a superfast speed.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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I need some help with setting up the midi cues. I've done everything exactly has the tutorial video shows, but it doesn't seem to switch to the next slide.

Can you help?

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I had to purchase our first multitrack backing track and upload into prime(wasn't one available in prime). Couple of questions...1) Should I be able to see the markers in the song ribbon? 2) I clicked "edit song" to see what my options were. I changed nothing, but now the track but no cues. Any idea where they went or how to retreive them?

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