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Has anyone experienced the left and right channels bleeding into each other despite being panned? I'm running a new iPad Air.

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on Dec, 24 - 3:00AM
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Could you please add this song on Loop Community.

Song: Kingdom Come

Artist: The New Sound Is Family

Single: Featuring Michael Howell & Gibran Morton

If you do add this song, is it possible to get a notification when it is added?

Thank you,


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I need a Track Rig for our Church in Sydney Australia. Is there any shop in Australia? I need it for our Christmas Eve service. and we don't have enough musician on that time. Thank you for your help. Sorry if I am in the wrong forum since I didn't find the contact email on the website. Thank you.



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if you are using the app and using it with the X32 or other digital mixer how do you label your channels if each song has different instruments?

I get there's always drums and keys, guitar but some of these songs have 3 guitars 4 keys and pads and synths. How are you setting those up to mix with the digital mixers ?

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I would like to purchase new songs for my church but none of the tracks come with vocals.

How do I get both?

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Hey there,

I'm currently looking into what Hardware I would need to use Prime.

Not owning any Apple Devices yet, thus having no clue at all:

Which iPad would I need to buy in order to use Prime smoothly?

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I'm looking for an in ear monitor that will allow me to hear the click track and cues but won't block out the music from the environment. Any ideas? J

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Hello, I had a question and was wondering if maybe somebody knew what the issue is that I am having. Yesterday at my church we tried using the midi control on propresenter, to add propresenter cues to Prime. It was working fine at first but then the next slide cue would skip two slides so instead of going to the next slide it would jump every two slides. Then it went crazy and was just shuffling through the whole playlist at a superfast speed.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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What if theres a song you want to purchase but it isnt in your list. How you request Loop Community professionals to produce the track?

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I need some help...

The new iPad has only one place to connect (charging port)...

The charging cord is different than any other Apple ends on Apple devices...

Not sure what end is now needed to connect to my soundboard (for prime app... clicks, etc)

My old iPad had charging port (used for looptimus mini) and other spot I connected to soundboard?

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