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Saving Midi notes to Prime Cloud

Levi Riggs

on Aug, 5 - 3:03PM
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Hey Tech Team,

When midi notes are assigned in PRIME on my mac and synced to the Cloud, my team can't seem to pull those notes down to their prime to trigger our lighting automation. When backing up to Prime Cloud, will it save that data for future use on other setlists?

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I have tried researching, but I can't find the answer to this question. Is there a way to map hot keys to the different sections for a song in the Prime Loop app on Mac? I know I could use a mide controller, but would love just to map sections to certain keys so I can use them to jump in time.

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Hi Tech Team, I just won a package giveaway from Live Producers Online (Dan Giffin) and I'm very excited that your products are a part of that package. However, I had question on the Track Rig, I tried to download the manual but the link is not working. But my main question is simple, does Track Rig allow for ADAT clock sync with another audio interface. My hope it to integrate Track Rig into my existing Audio Interface setup using ASIO4All to combine the two (viturally), that way I can have my inputs on my UR44, which I use live, as well as the additional outputs of Track Rig, wich would be awesome. Thanks. - Levi

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