Aaron Nicolas


Traditional instruments never kept my attention for very long. I’d always dabbled in drums, bass, guitar and piano, but I was more intrigued by the weird, otherworldly sounds I’d hear on my favorite records. After discovering 21st century classical music in college, my understanding of what constituted a musical sound shifted and my ear-thirst for those otherworldly sounds grew. Soon I was performing music with radios pushing static, prepared pianos, electric kazoos running through guitar pedal boards, Casio keyboards playing circuit bent drum loops, sampled air conditioners and refrigerators turned synthesizers, etc... I had found my musical voice. After transferring colleges to the Berklee College of Music, I discovered the synthesizer and the laptop. I was accepted into Berklee’s Electronic Production and Sound Design program and my capabilities and palettes of sound expression reached new complexities using Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason and Native Instruments. I become passionate about sound design and new frontiers of musical expression.... Read more

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