Marco Koch


I’m one of four worship leaders in a small church named «International Church of Luzern» in Switzerland. It’s the only English speaking church in the area. We are a diverse community which means, we have no specific denomination. And so is our worship diverse too. Two of the leaders are Piano players. They lead the congregation with hymns from a hymn book. Me and my colleague lead with our guitars more contemporary music. Since we are so small and most of the time I’m by myself, I want to use multitracks. The tracks I create are mostly typical rock set ups (two guitars, bass, drums and some keys) I’m married and a father of a girl 6 and a boy born soon  We are born and raised in Switzerland but where living in Israel for some years as a couple. When we returned, we felt not really Swiss anymore therefore we joined a English speaking church. I lead worship since about 20 years but never really got in to recording, but I love it… ... Read more