Andrew Scott Foust


Andrew Scott Foust began composing music over 27 years ago, and writes for several mediums -- film, theater, television, multimedia, and brainwave stimulation. His writing styles include orchestral, orchestral/electronic hybrid, electronic, ambient, rock, jazz, and ethnic. His work has been compared to that of many of his influences, including James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Brian Tyler, Marco Beltrami, and James Horner. 
Andrew’s Independent Film Biography includes: Treasure (Feature, 2016); Manifest Destiny (Short, 2016); Testament (Feature, 2016); Moment of Truth (Feature, 2016); The Hunt (Short, 2016); Necessary Evil (Web Series, 2015-present); The Interview (Short, 2015); Oneness (Documentary Short, 2014); The Writing on the Wall (Short Feature, 2013); Job (Short, 2013); Farewell Chicago (Short, 2013); Christkindl Market (Short, 2013); Inspire Me (Short, 2012); The Compound (Short, 2012); Remedy (Short Feature, 2009); and Hellblock 13 (Feature, 1999). Upcoming projects include scoring Fallaway, a feature film due to be released in 2017, and continuing to score the Necessary Evil web series. Albums credited to Andrew’s name are: Testament Original Score (2016), Moment of Truth Original Score (2016); The Writing on the Wall Original Score (2013); On the Shoulders of Giants (2011); Remedy Original Score (2011); Testament Original Score (2016) and Treasure Original Score (2017). In the past couple of years, Andrew has also scored several therapeutic musical libraries targeted at brainwave stimulation for Transparent Corp., including: Thought Sounds 2: Focus; Thought Sounds 3: Relax; Thought Sounds 4: Mood Elevation; and, each of which contains over 14 hours of music. Andrew’s love of music began when he was 15 years old, when he first picked up a guitar, and thereafter, found it difficult to put down. His love of guitar led to an interest in playing piano, bass guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, and various percussion instruments. He graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1991, where he studied Jazz Performance. He went on to study Music Composition at the University of South Carolina. Aside from currently creating musical scores, he is learning to play violin and creates sample libraries, next hoping to tackle the cello. He lives in Oviedo, Florida with his wife and two young sons. ... Read more