Brian Ortize


Growing up as a pastor's son, Brian's earliest memories are in the church. At the age of fifteen years old, he discovered his gift for music and began leading worship at youth group. By his early twenties, Brian had toured the United States several times and had also travelled to many parts of the world playing music. After marriage, Brian and his wife Rachel relocated to Los Angeles, CA where they helped plant one of the largest churches in the area. Brian served as the worship pastor for 5 years and developed a culture of worship which included developing worship leaders and musicians, leading the songwriting team, and overseeing multiple studio and live albums. Brian currently runs an academic training program called The Worship School (www.theworshipschool.com) which he founded in 2013. The Worship School has partnered with many well known worship leaders such as Kim Walker-Smith, Joel Houston, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, John Mark McMillan, Mack brock, and more. Brian and his family currently live in Nashville, TN. His original music is available everywhere that music is consumed. ... Read more