Cherry Hills Worship



Cherry Hills Worship is a collective response to the faith and journey of the congregation at Cherry Hills Community church, based out of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Throughout Scripture we read that Jesus was healing the sick, releasing some from bondage, restoring outcasts, speaking peace to deep chaos, extending love to the forgotten and many other mind-blowing miracles. All of this glory was happening while much of humanity was awaiting the promised one's arrival. Many corporate times of worship are met with the same problem. We are waiting on the promise of God - when we really just need to open our eyes to His promise already fulfilled all around us. These thirteen original songs are a story of our strong, constant, courageous Father reaching down to earth - dusting us off, drying our tears, and bringing every dead place back to life. We've opened our eyes and God is here, living within us, He's all around us and waiting for our mountain-moving faith to touch His ear in prayer, praise and worship. As you listen, our greatest prayer is that you will join your voices together with ours in faith and, as the songs go forth, that every listener will be saved, healed and set free by the power of the Spirit.... Read more