Devy Jamin



Glorious Freedom, the latest release from Portland-based worship leader Devy Jamin, offers remastered arrangements of Jamin’s previous EP tracks, along with six completely new songs. Jamin collaborated with drummer Thomas Cannariato to produce and arrange the album, utilizing Cannariato’s vast music experience to bring fresh vision to these songs. They hope that listeners will be reminded that “no matter what’s going on in your life, God is for you, and you are loved immensely by Jesus.” Jamin believes that music can re-orient us toward who God is, even in the midst of hard times. He remarks, “Life can be so hard. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with everything that’s going on around us. But it’s during those times we need a song that both lifts our spirits and speaks truth over us – reminding us of who God is and what He has done.” This is exactly his vision for Glorious Freedom, he says. “My hope is that these songs would point us to Jesus and bring us closer to the heart of God in a beautiful surrender, leading us to experience His glorious freedom.”... Read more