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For the past 12 years, Heath has emerged as a prominent and enterprising church musician - from drumming at local churches and ministries throughout East Texas to being a premier drummer at Believer’s World Outreach Church in Katy TX – Heath’s passion for Gospel music is indisputable, and his limitless artistry to play Jazz, Funk, Blues and more showcases his versatility within his craft. Heath has recorded three personal albums titled Heres to You, Elegance, and his most recent Seasons which is a Christmas album. The first two albums are a fusion of instrumental/Cinematic styles while the Christmas album goes back to his church roots along with various styles sprinkled throughout. Other projects featuring Heath on drums include a Christmas EP for artist Nate Aifili, a single for artist Blaise Raccuglia, a single for local ATX artist Thomas & Hall, a single for artist Edward Morgan, a single for Jonathan Shaw, and five different albums with Discovery Camp in Columbus TX – the largest Full-Gospel camp in America. Heath currently drums and MD's full-time for Promiseland Church in Austin TX, where he plays live, weekly and on livestream events. He also continues to write and arrange music for his personal projects along with producing for local artists. With many opportunities ahead at Promiseland, with local artists, and personal projects, this is a great season to be a part of Loop Gospel.... Read more

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Jan 17, 2023

Man, Absolutely awesome work! I'm about to purchase You Are Good and I was wondering if there was a chance you might make the chord chart for that available? I'd be glad to pay for that too of course! We're preparing a series of concerts here in Japan and my guys would really benefit from the actual chords you used. Just thought I'd reach out. Thank you for the excellent tracks!!

Jan 02, 2021

Great work you are putting out here. You know what be good if you do "You're doing it again"- Harvest Music Live version.

I can take a look at it. I'm already working on a couple of other tracks that I am trying to finish up. Thanks for the feedback. Blessings

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