Brian Courtney


Been playing drums since I was old enough to sneak my mum's wooden spoons out of the kitchen and inflict some nasty damage to a couple of old fiber shell suitcases. I've been involved with our church worship team for 20+ years playing drums and I also lead a couple of times a month on acoustic guitar for a small local church plant. I love all kinds of music and really enjoy creating loops and textures and digging into all that new music technology has to offer. Several years ago Dave Crowder band released a CD which included a demo copy of Reason and some of the files that showed how they had used loops to augment a few of the songs. It really sparked my imagination and I was totally hooked from then on. I use Ableton Live and Logic for all my music. I am originally from the UK and live in Central coast area of California. ps The picture is my granddaughter enjoying my Trapkat... Read more