Kevin Youngblood


So my musical journey began when I was six. That’s when I took my first drum lesson. When I turned 11 I got my first guitar; a cheap acoustic my mom gave my dad as a gift. I learned Sweet Home Alabama, and didn't touch the guitar again until noodling around in college. But after high school, I decided to move on to things I found more interesting at the time. It wasn't until after a downward spiral into depression and intense anxiety that I woke up and decided to leave college and make the 4 hr trip home to find myself. I returned to the drums, playing at my church house, Chad Gentry, and later for Right Here Redemption. When a new job schedule prevented me from attending church on Sundays, I fell away from music again, only to return about a year later. But this time, it was to the guitar. And I’ve been in love with music again ever since. I’m now proud to say I’m a member of As Yourself, and you can find our take on southern rock on iTunes.... Read more