Kirstie Fleur



An expression of Gods overflowing creativity, Kirstie is a singer/songwriter who pulls from her loves of gospel, jazz and R&B flavors to marry what is her expression of art. Kirstie Fleur is known for her intimate sound that bolsters a feeling of home. Kirstie Fleur writes songs from vulnerable places that invites us into a sneak peak of what it looks like to journey into the unknown with God. She writes songs of intercession, worship songs, love songs, jazz ballads and social activism songs. The most refreshing thing about Kirstie Fleurs' journey with God is that she gives herself permission to create as an artisan called by God. On any given day you can catch Kirstie soaking in worship or jamming out to some jazz with her husband and letting her little boy teach her dance moves. Kirstie Fleurette Horton was born in Louisiana on April 7, 1986 into a family of preachers. From her mother Regina she learned her persistence, resilience and focus in the midst of great of opposition. On February 3, 2017 Kirstie released her first single into the world. In November 2018 she released a single titled "Abba Father". Her most recent song "Set Sail" Was released January 1, 2020. We can expect her full album "Meeting Place" in 2020. You can always catch Kirstie Fleur gathering people in small, intimate, non-traditional spaces for unscripted worship experiences.... Read more