Ryan Clair


Born and raised in a small mountain community in southern California, Ryan was the first born child to a young mom who did all she could to raise a kid amidst trials, heartache and broken relationships. Though she didn't play, music was something Ryan's mother shared with him at an early age. Music has a way to help escape reality and bring a sense of joy and peace in the moments of pain and uncertainty. For Ryan the music became a reality, a part of life and an Identity. Picking up a guitar in his early teens and spending much of his life playing in bands. Ryan believes he has finally reached a place where he feels at home. It's music that is rooted and carry's on through generations. A style that all ages can appreciate. A family man with 5 kids and a beautiful wife, Ryan writes music that tells his story and faith journey as a follower of Jesus Christ. When Ryan is not playing shows you can find him leading worship at Shelton FBC in the beautiful State of Washington.... Read more