Samuel Lane


Samuel Lane has poured his life into crafting songs that draw people to God. For twenty years he has continued to work and refine his songwriting, exploring musicality and faith in worship. His songwriting ability paired with his heart to lead the Church in the worship of God, fuse perfectly to create beautiful, artistic, simple songs. Known for his uncompromising honesty, his songs have an ache, an authenticity that boldly catapults you towards the creator. Lane has written and recorded 40 songs with Vineyard Worship (including Beautiful, Adore Him, Pour It Out and Fiery Love). In 2002 he was involved in the genre defining album Beautiful. And In 2013, Lane released The Fire; The first time Vineyard Records trusted someone with a ‘solo’ album... "Once in a while you come upon an album that makes you just stop what you are doing and simply listen as you are drawn into a place of worship". Christianity magazine said "incredible, There hasn't been an album that has captured my attention in such a way for a long time". Recorded in LA with Emmy Award winning producer Bobby Hartry, and an amazing array of musicians. The Fire is a pure collision of passion, hope and honesty. Five years on, and we come to The Difference.... Read more