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Todd Galberth, known for his exuberant and contagious musical style, has emerged on the Gospel scene as a passionate praise and worship leader who is changing the way this nation worships God. His latest single, “The Curse is Broken,” is set to evoke a spiritual revolution where people will experience God in a whole new way. As a seasoned songwriter and actor, Galberth has graciously combined his multiple talents to help usher people into God’s presence. Understanding his strengths as an actor, Galberth also dove into the acting scene, leveraging his abilities in supporting roles to portray troubled, dramatic, and comedic characters in several playwrights across the country. Galberth most recently served as the lead worship pastor at Potential Church, a large church with multiple campuses around the world. Prior to that, he was a praise and worship leader at World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, North Carolina. Galberth also spearheads workshops to train other music leaders in the fundamentals of worship and evangelism. As he says: “God is looking for a worshiper, not a song. A worshiper does not need a song, but a song always needs a worshiper”. Galberth lives in North Carolina with his beautiful bride of 12 years, Vanessa, and their two awesome children: Tyven and Mya.... Read more

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Daphne Barney

Mar 30, 2021

Hello Pastor Todd, I was glad to find some tracks under your album, "Decrease". Looking for tracks for Resurrection Sunday. Are you able to add "Jesus is Greater" and "You are Good Medley" Master Tracks?

Nov 28, 2018

Pastor Todd, I hope you're well. Your ministry has inspired me so much. -Are you able to put up the "You Are Good Medley" on Loops?

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