Anthony Moore


Hi GMT & LC, I'm a 24 year old producer thats been creating, arranging and mixing songs as a profession for almost 10 years. I have a Vice President seat as head of Advertising & Marketing at our family owned music studio named, Music Beyond Measure Studios here in Durham NC. I'm a versatile musician. I personally play & record drums, piano, organ, bass, and electric guitar. Here, my day to day operations serves as (employment wise) a Educational Music Teacher & Music Producer. I love all aspects of music. One of my best qualities that serves my purpose as a producer is that I love making musical ideas come to life ; also to give people exactly what they are demanding. As a Christian, I believe that anybody can make great music but its the anointing and message that makes the difference. At this music company, I want to lend my gift as a contribution. My soul purpose is to create great music with high quality sound, to be a great contributor to the team, and to glorify God through music.... Lee mas