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Cinepraise Productions produces tracks featuring the typical contemporary band as well as a full orchestra and special picturesque synths and FXs, which comprises of the instrumentation found in today's hottest movies. The goal is not to make a service more entertaining, but to enhance the worship experience and provide musical support to any congregation size, whether it be 20 or 20,000. With the PRIME app, Ableton Live, or any other DAW that you use to play click, cues, and loops, you can simply adjust the mix according to your own musical taste. ... Read more

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Caleb Smith

Mar 23, 2022

Can you please make a track to CityAlights “Jesus Is Alive”? I love all your other CityAlight stuff and really need the tracks for this song. I think others will love this song as well. Hope to hear it soon and can’t wait to lead worship with this song

Oct 18, 2021

I agree! Would love more CityAlight! Our church spent a year almost exclusively introducing songs from their album, Only a Holy God.

May 08, 2021

hey guys. I just came across your stuff now. MORE CITYALIGHT please!!! I dont think anyone has their masters on the internet...and lots of people have done them...but you so far as i can tell do it better...keep them coming

Hey Tom, thanks for reaching out! Feel free to email me at cinepraiseproductions@gmail.com and let me know what songs you would like

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