MJ Morales


Miguel A. Morales Delgado born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in a Christ-centered family, full of musicians and singers. His love for music was so evident from the beginning. As a child he used to search in the kitchen for his grandmothers pots and pans to arm a drum. This is how he develop as a musician, mainly as a drummer and percussionist of several ministries on the church. His love and passion for music is so much that it also leads him to develop the ability to play bass at the short age of twelve. Is not until the age of sixteen that he became curious about the guitar. He told his father to teach him various chords. From that day it was love at first sight. Today his passion for the guitar has led him to play and record music with several christian ministries in Puerto Rico and out of it. Rene Gonzalez, Hermanitas Rivera, Claudina Brinn, Alex Andino, Sharon Santiago, Ezequiel Colon, Pochy Garcia, Luis Santiago, Marcos Yaroide, Daniel Calveti, Christine D’Clario, Isaías Pagán, Edwin Rivera, Reinaldo Santiago (El Chino), Yamil Ledesma, Kairos, Vanessa Viseppó, Giosué Calveti, Devotion, 24/7, Karen Riquelme, Jose Omar, are just some of the ministries with whom he has collaborated. He has also worked with artists like Don Omar, Victor Santiago (Objetivo Fama) Wise Cruz (The Golden Pen) and Beatriz Luengo from Sony Music. At the present time, Miguel is a music teacher, musical director of his Church (Iglesia Fuente de Agua Viva, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico) director and guitarist of Redimi2 with whom he has grown and traveled around the world. He still playing with the same strength, the same love and the same passion that awoke him from the first moment. All glory and honor be to God.... Lee mas