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Loop provides worship leaders with quality and affordable tracks, hardware, software & training. We make complicated things simple so you can focus on what matters.

Loop Community Support is the best! For our church, we purchased a Track Rig from the very first fleet that came out. We were super happy with it and loved it. Well after 3 years of having it, it started having issues. We contacted the team, they were very friendly and ready to help any way they could. We figured out the issue was internal and we sent it in for repairs. The team was quick and we got is sent back within a week. Several months after that, it started having more issues. After going back and forth, we figured out the issue was internal again. This time Loop Community was kind enough to swap our old Track Rig with a new one. We couldn't believe their generosity, friendliness, understanding, patience, and care that they brought to our frustrating and stressful situation. We couldn't be more happy and thankful to be working with Loop Community and we wanted to express our thanks and gratitude. Thank you!

Josh Calhoun

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Tired of configuring audio interfaces too? Track Rig is plug & play. No more confusing audio routing software.

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