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Looptimus Foot Controller

Take full control of your multitracks and loops.

Control your music software

Use Looptimus to control any midi-mappable music software like Prime, Ableton Live, and more! Control your tracks - don't let your tracks control you.

MIDI Notes

Send MIDI notes to music software to trigger tracks for playback. Utilize 20 banks - each with 6 MIDI notes per bank. All access bank gives you 6 more notes.

Program Changes

Send Program Changes to effects pedals or keyboards via 5-Pin MIDI while simultaneously triggering your next song.

Pad Mode

Play any software instrument with your feet to keep your hands free as you play guitar! A foot controller has never sounded so good.

The best controller for live performance

Looptimus is the easiest way to control your music software with your feet. Use Looptimus with Ableton Live, Prime, or any other MIDI capable application.

Looptimus is made with only the highest-quality material. 9 life-long switches and cased in a solid, powder-coated aluminum chassis. Made with love in the USA.

Looptimus is the ultimate MIDI foot controller for music software on your computer or mobile device

You’ve Never Done So Much With One Foot

Expand your Looptimus controller

Looptimus Mini can also be used to expand the capabilities of your Looptimus controller.

Once they are connected, Looptimus Mini adds 3 additional buttons per bank, 3 more standalone buttons, or can be used to quickly switch between Looptimus modes.

Whether you’re using Looptimus Mini on its own, or together with Looptimus, the possibilities at your feet are endless.

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What Are The Dimensions Of The Looptimus?

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ Looptimus is designed to work well with musicians in a live setting whether you’re a guitar player that wants a familiar pedal-feel for a loop rig, a keyboard player that can mount it to their stand, or a drummer who places it right next to the high-hat pedal. Looptimus is perfect for any aspect of stage music.

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