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Looptimus Mini

Bus Powered

Looptimus Mini is automatically bus powered by your mobile device or computer via USB

Send 6 MIDI Messages

Press quickly to send the first set of 3 MIDI messages. Press and hold each button for 2 seconds to send another MIDI message.

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Plug and Play

No additional drivers or software needed. Simply plug it into your device and take control of your tracks.

A simple and compact controller

Looptimus Mini is a simple, yet powerful way to control your music software. Use it with Ableton Live, Prime, or any other MIDI capable application.

Use Looptimus Mini to Start, Stop and Advance to the next song, or any other customizeable combination. Connect an expression pedal to control volume and other effects.


It's all about your style. Select one of five colors that suits you.

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Expand your Looptimus controller

Looptimus Mini can also be used to expand the capabilities of your Looptimus controller.

Once they are connected, Looptimus Mini adds 3 additional buttons per bank, 3 more standalone buttons, or can be used to quickly switch between Looptimus modes.

Whether you’re using Looptimus Mini on its own, or together with Looptimus, the possibilities at your feet are endless.


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Can I still use an expression pedal with the Looptimus Mini?

Yes! Connect an expression pedal to control volume and other effects. We recommend the Roland EV-5 expression pedal.

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