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Full Looptimus Integration

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How can you use Looptimus Mini with Ableton Live?

There are so many ways to use Looptimus. One of the main ways people use it is by assigning button 1A to Song 1 in their setlist, 1B to Song 2, etc. You can also break up your songs into sections and use a bank for each song. Song 1 is Bank 1. Intro is A, Verse is B, Chorus is C, etc. Get creative and make it work for how YOU perform.

How does Looptimus work with Prime?

What kind of expression pedal should I use?

Should I use MIDI or USB?

What are the dimensions of the Looptimus Mini?

How can you use Looptimus Mini with Ableton Live?

Ableton isn’t assigning MIDI with Looptimus