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Jan 12, 2021

Stems are in key of C and original recording is in B and the original recording is tempo mapped at a bunch of different tempos. Can't get the original to line up with the stems to produce practice tracks for our team. Just a heads up.


Jan 13, 2021

Hey Steve! Sorry about that. We have updated the track. You can re-download it in the Prime App or download the files in your account under Purchases. If you still are experiencing issues with it, please email us at

Jan 13, 2021

Hey there Derek...thanks for the reply. After messing with it a lot yesterday, finally figured out that the original song is 91BPM and key of B. I warped the stems from C to B and then warped them to match 91 and then was able to create practice tracks for our team to match the song. So recap: Original Recording is 91bpm. Stems are not...but original song is. Hope that helps.