Community feedback

Apr 06, 2022

Were the click issues resolved with this track? Just downloaded it a couple of weeks ago. We definitely got off the track.

Apr 07, 2022

We've double checked and the click should be just fine! Try re-downloading the track and if you continue to have issues, reach out to our team at

Feb 23, 2021

It appears that the metronome/click gets off from the loop at the 2nd "instrumental" section (after the down chorus and the remainder of the song thereafter. I have done this song with our Worship Team a few times and it gets excruciating with the tempo getting off toward the end. Oddly enough, the problem only occurs when I play the song all the way through from the beginning. If I drag and start at the instrumental section, it doesn't mess up...again, only when starting from the beginning of the song. Very odd

Feb 23, 2021

Hey Mark, Thanks for letting us know! Can you try toggling the "Dynamic Click" and see if you have the same experience with it turned off? If you continue to have issues, send us an email at and we'll look into this further!

Jan 06, 2021

This is listed in Bb but I think its actually Ab... Great track though!

Jan 06, 2021

Thanks for letting us know!

Apr 15, 2020

Thanks for this! We've been doing this one since summer, so glad the recording and now this are out! Awesome song. Track sounds great.