Community feedback

Sep 18, 2021

Please notify me too! I can't wait!

Sep 20, 2021

Click on the link above and you'll be notified when a track is made available!

Sep 08, 2021

I know I already requested this song, but should I go ahead and purchase the master tracks from multitracks and upload... or is this song possibly in, or soon to be in, production? if so, how soon would it be available? I could probably wait a couple/few weeks, if it is. If not, and not knowing how you guys decide when it's time to produce a track, or the timeline for that decision, I may buy from Multitracks (which I hate to do instead of buying from loop community).

Sep 08, 2021

We don't have an exact timeline here, but hopefully we can have tracks for this up soon! Click the request link above and you'll be notified when it is made available!