Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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Community feedback

Jan 04, 2022

hi there ! I would like to be able to hear the ending of this piece we have already resolved the "glitch issue" a couple hours ago.

Jan 05, 2022

You should now be able to hear the end of the track when playing above. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Jan 05, 2022

Thankyou so much Matt!!!

Jan 04, 2022

Thanks Matt! it's a great sequence!!!

Jan 04, 2022

hi there !!!in viewing this song I hear a glitch but not in the sequence (possibly)... Before when the "overlay" of "" comes in --- can you please review/&repost as I would love to buy this! thanks loopūüôĆūüŹĽ‚̧ԳŹ

Jan 04, 2022

This is just a result of the website processing the audio. The actual track should have no issue!