Community feedback

Mar 06, 2022

I just purchased this song on March 6th 2022 And I opened my email it says download zip and it won’t work figures I get ripped off it’s not the first and I have lost out cuz the dang zip won’t work

Mar 06, 2022

Jesus at the center I just purchased it and it won’t download zip this is not the first it happens to me I delete and reinstall and still purchase won’t load to my added songs figures I get ripped off at 4am I just purchased this on march 6 2022 it shows they took my money but send me a better way to download my purchase it won’t work. Fix ur issues don’t like that I loose money

Mar 07, 2022

Hey Elena, Give our team a call at 312 566 7312 and we'd be happy to walk you through the process so we can make sure you get access to your tracks!