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Community feedback

Jan 15, 2020

How do I upgrade this track to add background vocals, as I have already purchased it. I am using Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit operating system.

Jan 16, 2020

The download link in your profile should update with the latest stems as well. Login to your account on the Loop site and re-download your stems at the following link. https://loopcommunity.com/en-us/user/my-purchases

How do I upgrade the track if I've already purchased it to add the background vocals?

Jul 15, 2019

You can get the updated version by re-downloading the song from our servers. You can do that by clicking "add song", go to this song on the list, swipe left (iOS) or click the 3 dot option button (Mac), then click delete. You should get a confirmation that the song has been deleted and the checkmark that was beside the song name should disappear. After that, click "add song" again and add this song back into your setlist. You should see a loading bar beside the song, meaning it is downloading from our servers. Thanks for being a part of the community!