Nutcracker Suite 2; Nutcracker Suite; Op. 71a; No. 2: March

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Community feedback

Sep 30, 2019

Great backing track!! Is there a possibility of getting the electric parts separate? I hear 2 guitars in the guitar track

Oct 01, 2019

Thanks Chris! The guitars were actually sent to me like that in one file...sorry about that

May 06, 2019

Is there a particular reason you made this a half step lower than the recording? Just wondering...

May 07, 2019

Hey Ryan, Loop producers often make tracks in keys that are most suited for use in their own churches. However, this is can be easily adjusted in the Prime app or any other Daw you may be using. Also although the key is a half-step down, the arrangement will be the same! Thanks for being a part of the community!