O Little Town of Bethlehem / Away In a Manger

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Worship Leader

Nov 28, 2018

The click is not lining up with the track.

May 16, 2019

Hey Scott, I just checked on these stems but I'm not seeing any issues. The song has very drastic tempo changes, but the click seems to follow those changes correctly. Please re-download the song from our servers to ensure you have the most current version. You can do that by clicking "add song", go to this song on the list, swipe left (iOS) or click the 3 dot option button (Mac), then click delete. You should get a confirmation that the song has been deleted and the checkmark that was beside the song name should disappear. After that, click "add song" again and add this song back into your setlist. You should see a loading bar beside the song, meaning it is downloading from our servers. Feel free to reach us at support@loopcommunity.com if you run into any more issues. Thanks!

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