Community feedback

Jun 26, 2019

Pay close attention to the BPMs. I purchased one that said 145 and the click was subdivided 8 clicks per 4/4 measure. The Prime app will subdivide for you if you want that. Unfortunately if you buy a 145 bpm track the fewest clicks per measure will always be 8. If you change the settings in the app, you can go to 16 clicks per measure but not down to 4.

Jul 14, 2020

Has this been fixed?

Jul 15, 2020

The track above is listed at 73 BPM and in Prime you will get the click track on the quarter note. However you can adjust the subdivisions in the settings of the Prime app as well!

Mar 01, 2021

Just jumping in to say that they did that because the original track is 72.5bpm and typically any 4/4 track under 100bpm you'll want to subdivide/double.