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Community feedback

Jun 05, 2019

Thanks so much for doing this! Do you happen to have the warm up exercise with all of the different voices within one track, rather than split in two diff tracks? Trying to help my team through this exercise but have to keep jumping between both tracks so the altos, sopranos, tenors, etc can each hear their sample parts. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

Jun 06, 2019

At this time, we do not. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this can easily be accomplished if you are using the Prime app to play the track. All of the voices will play simultaneously, and if need be, you can mute any of the tracks or solo others!

Jun 05, 2019

Too basic

Jun 05, 2019

Hey Ron, these are going to be useful for people who maybe aren't used to doing any type of warm ups at all! In which case, this is a great first step to help them get in the habit!