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Community feedback

Oct 27, 2021

Can we get section markers for this track

Oct 27, 2021

Unfortunately for any tracks that have tempo changes or BPM changes such as this one, we aren't able to add section markers. Sorry for the inconveniece!

Jul 09, 2021

How long before we get this track

Jul 09, 2021

Although we don't have a specific timeline for this one, hopefully our team is able to have a track made available soon! Click the request link above to be notified when a track is made available.

Jul 24, 2021

Is it possible to get a Master Track of this one?


Jul 26, 2021

Hey Richard! At this time we don't have a Master Track for this, but click the Request a track button above and this will let our team know that there is interest. Also, once a track becomes available you will receive an email. Thanks!