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Community feedback

Dec 11, 2020

For some reason the version of this song on Prime doesn't have the background vocals and about three other instruments. Thankfully, I have the downloaded zip files. However, it'd be nice to have all the parts in the app.

Dec 11, 2020

You should be able to fix this by deleting the track from your device and re-downloading it from the server. Give this a shot and if you continue to have issues, send us an email at support@loopcommunity.com!

Oct 09, 2020

My download does not have background vocals as the sample!

Oct 12, 2020

Can you try deleting the track from your device and re-downloading it from the server to see if this resolves the issue? We just checked the track and everything seems to be in order on our end!

Jun 25, 2020

We listened to the remix of You Deserve it and didn’t like it. We tried multiple times to buy the John Mike one and it said we already purchased it. Not so! We need help please. Thank you, Leslie Whelan, a loop Community member

Jun 26, 2020

We took a look in your account and saw that you have both versions (the remix, and the version above from John Mike) in your account. You should be able to access them in the Add Song window of the Prime app! If you continue having issues here, send us an email at support@loopcommunity.com and we'd be happy to troubleshoot this further with you!

Jul 01, 2020

Only the remix is showing up on our iPads. Can you help? Thanks, Leslie Whelan


Jul 01, 2020

Hi Leslie, can you please try logging out of the Prime app and logging back in? Then click Add Song and see if the non-remix version of You Deserve It shows up. Please let me know!

When Are Coming Out With You Deserve it (Remix) ?

Aug 09, 2019

We are working on it...should be up soon!

Hi, did you ever make the remix version?

Sep 14, 2020

Yes check it out here: https://loopcommunity.com/en-us/songs/you-deserve-it-(remix)-by-j.j.-hairston-and-youthful-praise-9105