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Track Rig

Hearing your multitracks has never been easier

8 XLR Outputs

Everything you need in a single box. No more direct boxes or complicated routing. For musicians who need their multitracks heard the simplest way possible.

Connect All Your Devices

TRACK RIG gives your computer 4 additional USB ports to connect all your midi controllers, hard-drives, or charge your phone.

Rack & Roll

Can be added to any rack space with the purchase of optional-rack ears. TRACK RIG is fully reversible – rack it forwards or backwards.

Why we created Track Rig?

At Loop Community we know what it’s like as worship leaders to want to spend the best hours of our day creating and refining our craft, instead of messing around with confusing gear and software. It can be difficult, and expensive, to get your multitrack audio to your sound system. There are tons of interfaces to choose from, direct boxes to purchase, and sometimes it’s way more than you actually need.

We wanted to simplify this process. We want musicians to be able to route the audio of their tracks in an affordable and easy way. That’s why we created Track Rig.

We’re tired of configuring audio interfaces too. Track Rig is plug & play. No more confusing audio routing software. Connect to Ableton Live or Prime and rock on.

More Time Playing and Less Time Configuring

Routing track audio has never been easier

Whether you are new to backing tracks or you've been using them for years, Track Rig simplifies and streamlines the entire playback process.

Connect Track Rig to your computer or mobile device using the USB cable. Track Rig will automatically be recognized as an audio output device. There is no installation process, no confusing software, just plug an go.


Have a look and experience simplicity

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How can you use Looptimus Mini with Ableton Live?

There are so many ways to use Looptimus. One of the main ways people use it is by assigning button 1A to Song 1 in their setlist, 1B to Song 2, etc. You can also break up your songs into sections and use a bank for each song. Song 1 is Bank 1. Intro is A, Verse is B, Chorus is C, etc. Get creative and make it work for how YOU perform.

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How can you use Looptimus Mini with Ableton Live?

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