The easiest way to run multitracks in worship.

Why you should use Prime


Full Channel Mixer - No Track Limit!


Import your own audio from any source


Change the Key


Change the Tempo


Customize Song Arrangement


Section Jumping & Looping

FREE App Download for iPhone, iPad, & Mac

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Top features

Easily control and customize your tracks for worship.

Change the Key and Tempo

Customize Song Arrangements

Add Transitions Between Tracks

Repeat & Jump Sections

Multi-Out Integration

MIDI Controller Integration

Connect an Audio Interface

Import Custom Audio

A music playback app for live performance

Mute, solo, or change the volume of each
individual instrument in a song with our Digital Audio Mixer.

FREE App Download for iPhone, iPad, & Mac

FREE App Download for iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Customize Your Arrangements

Change the key, tempo, and arrangement of a song.

FREE App Download for iPhone, iPad, & Mac

FREE App Download for iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Shayne John

Prime is the greatest invention ever created. It's a great way to run your tracks for Praise and Worship. One thing I love about Prime is that it's so easy to use for anything such as personal practice, band rehearsals and during a Sunday Service.

Simplify Your Worship Planning

If you’re looking for more features to help you simplify your worship planning and help your team come more prepared to rehearsal, sign up for Loop Pro!


Sync setlists between devices


Save custom arrangements


Share setlists with team members


Increase custom upload storage


MIDI-Out integration


Section Jumping & Looping

Russ Parrish

Loop Community has cut my Sunday morning planning time in half! The Prime App has been a life saver when it comes to planning sets. With my tracks uploaded to the cloud, I can be prepared to play with the same sound anywhere and anytime. Thankful for this community!

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Getting Started with the Prime App

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Multitracks made easy. Try it for free and see for yourself.


How do I re-install Prime?

If you're experiencing an issue with Prime, we recommend deleting the app entirely from your device and re-installing a fresh copy from the app store. Any issues you are experiencing with Prime will be solved by deleting the app and re-installing a fresh copy. iPad & iPhone Instructions 1.) Press and hold on the app to delete it. Press the "x" to delete the app. 2.) Go to the app store and download Prime again 3.) Make sure you have an Internet connection and login with your Loop account. 4.) When you download songs, you'll see an option called "Original". Tap on that. It will load the songs into your setlist. Mac Instructions 1.) Delete the app from your Applications folder. 2.) Go to User/Library/Containers and delete the folder "com.loopcommunity.PRIMEMAC" 3.) Empty your Trash 4.) Go to the app store and download Prime again 5.) Login with your username. When you download songs, you'll see an option called "Original". Click on that to add the song to your setlist.

What is Prime?

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I hear the click bleeding in Prime.

Is Prime available for Android?

I'm not seeing my tracks in Prime!

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How do I connect this to my soundboard?

How do I use an expression or volume pedal with Prime?

Can I change the arrangement of a song?

How do I upload tracks to Prime Cloud?

Prime doesn't see my MIDI device

How do I transpose a track in Prime?

How do I import my own audio?

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