Cory Asbury


Cory Asbury is a worship leader, songwriter and pastor who joined the Bethel Music Collective in May of 2015. Cory grew up in the mountains of North Carolina where he developed a deep love for music and songwriting. Cory started leading worship at his local church when he was just 14 years old. From that place, he launched into full-time worship ministry at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City January 1, 2005. While most of his time was spent in the Prayer Room (a 24/7 worship room), Cory’s 8-year journey at IHOP-KC took him all over the US and to many other parts of the world, including Asia, the UK, and Canada. Cory is also a featured worship leader at IHOP-KC’s annual Onething conference, a gathering of 25,000 young adults that takes place at Bartle Hall every December. During his time at IHOP-KC, Cory’s songwriting proliferated, and he released two full-length records, Holy and Let Me See Your Eyes. He has also been featured on a number of IHOP-KC and Bethel Music live compilations. Cory is currently working on his 3rd record with Bethel Music which will release Fall of 2017. Cory continues to lead worship regionally and internationally at various worship conferences and events. Cory carries a passion to lead people into encounters with the love of the Father. His voice and songs create an atmosphere of worship charged with both the power and peace of God. His prophetic worship style is marked by rich spontaneous moments and tenderness in God’s presence. Cory remains dedicated to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. On December 21st of 2016, Cory and his family transitioned to Kalamazoo, Michigan to join Radiant Church where Cory now serves as Worship Pastor. Cory is married to his wife, Anna, who also shares a gift for music and prophetic worship. They have two beautiful children, Gabriel and Lily.... Read more

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