A Community of Worship Leaders Who Love Loop

Patrick Mayberry

I was so excited about how easy it was to upload our own tracks and create custom arrangements of the tracks. It restored so much of the creativity I missed and longed for in worship.

Michael Dottin

I'm very grateful to Matt McCoy and his team for providing a platform that offers a huge variety of stems and other tech essentials! The Prime app is a very good tool that allows you to be creative and find your own expression; whether you have a full band or just keys. Keep-up the good work Loop Team, and may the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands!

Matt Reif

We tried our first Enhancement Tracks this week with our full band. I'm super impressed at how well they fit under our sound and filled sonic space I didn't know was there.

Landon Lee

Loop Community saved us! For the past 5 years its been just myself and a keyboardist that uses MainStage but nothing fills out the sound like Loop Community tracks do.... If you don’t get all your tracks , hardware, and merch from Loop Community......WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Mateus Canaver

Eu amo a Loop Community e o app PRIME. Ele me possibilitou trabalhar com minhas multitracks de forma mais prática e ágil, me deu controle total, desde mixagem a arranjos e agora também com o MIDI OUT posso controlar as projeções de letras automaticamente sincronizado com as tracks. Muito obrigado por oferecer um aplicativo tão completo! Deus abençoe

Jim Turner

I love LoopCommunity, because it really is that: a community. Amazing products, great customer service, these guys are the best.

Russ Parrish

Loop Community has cut my Sunday morning planning time in half! The Prime App has been a life saver when it comes to planning sets. With my tracks uploaded to the cloud, I can be prepared to play with the same sound anywhere and anytime. Thankful for this community!

EFG-Miltenberg (PowerPraise)

I’m leading a small worship team in Germany. I was worried at first about implementing tracks, but then I found Loop Community and the Prime app. I had a lot of questions - but the Loop Team was very helpful. Prime is so easy to use and now we use it every week. I'm thankful that our song repertoire is now modernized and that we can increase our quality more and more thanks to LC!

Michael Mixon

I lead worship every Wednesday night for our youth group. It is just me and my acoustic, and it’s nice to be able to fill in some gaps with tracks. Prime makes it super easy to use tracks, and Looptimus is very handy when it comes to firing the tracks off with my feet!

Kirito Escorcia

Conocí prime al empezar a investigar sobre el tema de las secuencias. Visite blogs, páginas de Facebook, etc, y todas decían lo mismo, Prime es la mejor aplicación para lanzar secuencias en vivo. Y aunque aún no hemos podido implementar al 100 el uso de secuencias en nuestra iglesia, lo cierto es que ha sido una gran bendición poder contar con esta herramienta tanto de forma personal, para el ensayo en casa, como en general, Para el ensayo del grupo de alabanza al que pertenezco. Gracias a loop Community por darnos acceso a tan grandiosa herramienta Para mejorar nuestra alabanza.

Jatniel GR

Loop Community is a blessing from God. It's a great community and all they offer is a huge gift to me.

Lucas Fuentes

Using multitracks with Prime was the best decision. Its simple and power. Our worship services are definitely better since we started using Prime.

Micah Williams

Getting into tracks with LoopCommunity has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Prime provides so much freedom and LC truly helps worship leaders worship.

FCCS Worship

Loop has made it easy for my worship team to get started with backing tracks and a guided click. Making this transition has made our sound fuller, and has made our job on stage less stressful. Prime is easy to get the hang of, and the website makes it easy to order the tracks you like most. Now a Loop Producer myself, I feel super honored to be part of this amazing community that helps people worship.

neal adams

Loop Community has taken our worship to the next level. Prime is such an awesome app and so easy to use. We started on an iPad with the headphone jack and have migrated to a MacBook air running 18 channels on a Dante network. Thanks Matt and all the LC community for all you do for us!


LC sample libraries and patches are the bomb!

Kurt Von Eschen

Loop Community has helped tighten up my band, fill out the mix, and make transitions, intros and song endings much cleaner.

Jason Ingram

An incredible resource for church teams and worship bands. Their user friendly way of accessing and running loops and tracks will help lock the band in and fill out the sound in the room while still allowing the worship leader flexibility to flow in the moment.

Meredith Andrews

Since I started using click tracks, I can't imagine leading worship without them. Or the little guy in my ear counting me in.

Zak Stegman

An EXCELLENT resource for beginners and seasoned loopers!

Mike Mager

A community of people dedicated to creating loops and understanding how they fit into worship music is a resource you can't pass up!

Rory Noland

Whether you're looking for fresh creativity, want to beef up the band, or take your music the next step, Loop Community can be a huge help to your worship ministry.

Brandon Breitenbach

Loops are an excellent way to enhance your live sound!

Ryan Moore

Loop Community totally changed the way I lead worship.

Bailey Alexander

Loop Community has made purchasing and playing clicks & loops in church simple and cost-effective. For a guy who is a duel-roll staff member, I don't have the flexibly in my schedule to create tracks each week. Because of Loop Community, our sound is now more full, our rehearsals are simplified because of the songs being mapped out with vocal cues, and our musicians and singers can focus more on worshiping the Lord because they feel more prepared! For us, Loop Community is more than a company - they are a ministry.

Jonathan Paris

I never really thought about how recreating some of my favorite worship songs and sharing them on LC was really helping so many churches and individuals around the world be a part of a similar worship experience. I feel so blessed hearing back from people who really appreciate the music and it makes me a part of something bigger.

Abner Rubio

I cannot say enough. I love loop community! For the longest time our congregation was stuck in the 2000s in regards to worship style (not that anything is wrong with that). Thanks to loop community we have been able to update our setlists and worship God with more current songs that our youth are more familiar with. I love the different affordable options that don't drain our worship budget as well as the PRIME app which is simple and has eliminated the need for extensive equipment. Every congregation is different and loop community has been an excellent resource and the prefect fit for our ministry. All glory to God.

Chris Stevens

For the money, it can't be beat. The tracks are about a third the cost of the competition. This is an effective workaround for staffing musicians. My church is in the middle of a farming community. It's not exactly a hotbed for musicians. Half of the band are my kids and me! The Customer Support from Loopcommunity is outstanding. Thanks for all you do!

Kyle Fulks

PRIME helps our congregation worship EVERY SUNDAY morning and at youth group every Sunday night. Thank you so much!!

Radiant BayCity Worship

Thank you so much. You guys continue to win me over with your heart for the church, equipping and making things better. Because of simple, easy to use apps like Prime, your "average joe" worship leaders are able to get that big, distraction free sound. We don't have to master ableton and other programs like that. You guys are the pioneers in carving a new path for more worship leaders to get on using loops/multitracks. I brag up your app all the time! Bless you!

Jon Godfrey

I'm a *HUGE* PRIME fan - it has completely transformed the way our band operates in the best way possible. Thanks for all Loop Community does!

Steven Maldonado

Loop Community has truly changed the way we worship. It helps keep continuity of the worship service experience, regardless of what musicians show up.

Copper Creek Worship Team

I love what Loop Community does, and I love the huge network of worship leaders it’s helped to create!

Tim Jaycox

Thank you for providing such quality resources to make things easy. I cannot say enough about LC!

Forest Park Church Worship Team

I cannot believe the ease and simplicity of using PRIME. I’m loving it! Our worship has never been better and our team's musicianship is improving every rehearsal. Awesome functionality and an amazing rehearsal tool as well. Boom!!

Christopher Tafalla

Prime is one of the greatest resources for all student bands, worship teams, and churches who want their worship experience to have a full sound. It has helped our students learn parts to songs, makes practicing on their own time easier and more efficient as well as helping improve their musicianship. It's user-friendly and even more student friendly.

Matt Keefer

Being a worship pastor and seeing the progress my team has made with PRIME, and the progress of the app in general, has been incredible. I absolutely love the new transitions and how seamless PRIME has made our worship flow!


I've been wowed by this company on two fronts: First, the quality of the product both hardware and software. We have been running PRIME for nearly two years now and have hardly had any malfunctions (pretty sure they all trace back to user error in the end). But secondly, their customer service is exemplary. Not just professional and efficient, but also personable and thoughtful. I cannot say enough good things about Loop Community's team and support processes. Thank you all so much for your follow-through and kindness.

Randy Moore II

We use Loop Community stems and they are awesome! All those producers out there keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks Loop Community! 👍🏾 You’re number 1 for me!

Russ Parrish

I've been using the Looptimus for a few years now and wouldn't know what I'd do without it. I'm excited to start using the TrackRig soon for my services. During the last 3-4 months, I've been doing nightly worship on Facebook Live with my church community from my home studio. They've been loving it, and it's helped us stay connected. I pre-plan the songs I'm going to sing with ProPresenter, used the video output with lower third lyrics through that as well, and use the Looptimus to control slides while I lead the songs. It worked unbelievably well. Thank you for making this possible!

César Rodríguez

A Sido una bendición este producto en la iglesia y esperamos que Dios los lleve cada vez más allá de donde hasta ahora los llevado, esta es una novedosa idea y se que vendrán mejores.

Jairo Tapia

Creo que es la mejor opcion que tenemos para lanzar secuencias en nuestro medio cristiano ...lo mejor que es gratis...hemos mejorado nuestra fluidez y todo va cada dia mejor...!!

Michael Harris

Loop Community has been a huge blessing to our small church. I now have the ability to be even more flexible by adding in the instrument parts I need from the LC tracks. On top of that, Track Rig has upped the game even more, letting us adjust individual track levels for the tracks we run. Keep up the great work, LC!

Ryan Huebner

I've been using this wonderful tool to lead worship for the last 6 years and have found the LC team to be quick to respond to any issue. They also listen to the community and have added new features to help us lead our churches into the presence of God. I have recently purchased the Looptimus and it is a GAME-CHANGER. Now I can lead hands free and program the individual buttons to do just about anything I need. Well worth the investment.

Josh Bailey

Loop community gave us the ability to streamline and power through the logistics and technical aspects of worship so that we can focus more time and attention on just being present in moments of worship! Thanks LC!

Jim Turner

I love LoopCommunity because it is truly that: a community. Your products work great, and the selection of tracks is amazing. Thanks for all you do, and thanks for making my ministry easier!

Richard Tolin

Prime and Track Rig are the best for running tracks. I love these products! Can't wait to get a Looptimus!

Forrest Knight

Track Rig has been the perfect solution for our production on the road with Micah Tyler. It's rock solid and built to last tour needs. XLR outputs with level meters have been amazing for quick patching and easy reference.

Chris Zielke

I thank God for these guys! Prime has been such a great addition for our worship team and for the worship experience at our church. We found it to be quite simple to implement with the band and tech when we first started, and now are using prime tracks all the time! Love the support they provide, great customer service, love the educational videos, the track options, just a very well run, user friendly organization!

Dan Keyes

I have a limited number of band members and it has been great using Loops to fill in needed parts.

Jonathan Schmitz

I love the flexibility to arange the songs how I like in Prime. I also love being able to lead the band without having to play my instrument.

Gabe Sanchez

It’s hard to even remember leading without this amazing platform and community!

Daniel Peck

Looptimus has changed our worship experience completely. We are all able to worship more freely! It's a wonderful piece of equipment! Easy to use, easy set up and just built very well! Great job, LC team!

Vertical Worship

I've had the honor to serve alongside Matt McCoy as he's developed LC, so I've seen how his intention to serve goes beyond bands, but to the experience of the worshipper themselves.

Josh Caterer

Loop Community has become an invaluable tool to me as a worship leader.

Josh Whelchel

Tracks have given our worship a huge boost of energy and engagement. Not only that, it's brought me out of a musical plateau that I was stuck in for a year!


I've seen my bands grow every week playing to click and loops from LC.

Tony McCall

A great community with truly useful tools to enhance your live performance.

Tim Tibbles

I know my worship team would not be able to do half of what we do without LoopCommunity.com

Brian Scoggin

Loop Community makes it incredibly easy to take your worship band to the next level. Just play along!

Julie Putnik

We started using loops last month when our senior pastor (and acoustic guitar player for our praise band) went on sabbatical. We weren't sure how we were going to fill the void but Loop Community and prime app has been just the tool we needed! It was easy to use, set up and customizable for our needs.

Rob Shillito

We use the Loop Community Prime app every week at Hope Community Church. We're a small church plant but using Prime means we can still have that full sound that we're used to when we want it. There's a great selection of songs to choose from and you can even upload homemade tracks for those times when you need something special. The best feature is the ability to jump between sections of a song meaning you can still lead spontaneously rather than be tied down to a preset arrangement. Loop Community Prime is an app designed by worship leaders for worship leaders. Whether you need full band tracks or just specific instrument parts it's a great solution for enhancing the musical aspect of your worship.

Logan Lindahl

I just want to write to say thanks for your amazing product, Prime. Seriously, as a worship leader, it is the best product i’ve ever used. I’m the guy that looks at ableton and has a minor stress attack. Prime is simple, understandable, and does everything I want and need it to do. I absolutely LOVE it. Anyway, keep up what your doing for us “simple minded” worship leaders. We appreciate it. Just wanted to write something to pass on to the whole Loop Community team - you guys are killing it!

Andi Rozier

LC has transformed the sound of our weekend worship services. Designed by a worship leader for worship leaders, the bar has been raised and we're never going back.

John Morano

Loop Community has been crucial in taking the quality of our worship team to the next level. Prime is an amazing asset that every team should have in their arsenal.

Michael Gum

Because of PRIME, I was able to leave town for Labor Day with the full knowledge that my worship team could still function with our multitracks taken care of (which are usually run by me through a much less intuitive Ableton setup). Made my vacation that much better!

Everett Spencer

I'd like to thank you all for the service you offer the church at large. Because of the fine work you do I've been able to offer a quality worship experience since the beginning of our church launch even when we didn't have a musician. I'm a total Prime supporter and have recommended your app to other church planters.

Joel Vargas

Our church LOVES the PRIME app! It has been a life saver for us and I actually like it better than having to set things up in Ableton. PRIME is the steady/simple workhorse for Sunday mornings for sure. It's also a practice tool to help team members in their learning. Thank you!

Bobby Coverston

LC is certainly more than e-commerce. I love supporting a company that truly helps its target audience, instead of just selling to them.

Vicente Ibarra

It's awesome that Loop Community lets worship leaders share the tracks they have created for their church. I lead worship at my church and I also help smaller ministries. Tracks have become essential to the way we go minister to communities outside the church building!

Darin Brannon

Thank you for what you all provide. I Pastor a small rural church with a small worship team, but we love to worship. Your product has made it possible for us to have a full, rich sound for our worship time. We’re grateful for the service you provide.

Ben Nichols

LC has been a very helpful set of tools for expanding our worship repertoire. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of use.

Michael Rigney

PRIME and Loop Community has breathed new life into our church, into our worship and into our band. It has helped take our worship to the next level. We are better musicians because of it. We are excited to come to church and lead worship every week because of what you’ve done. Through PRIME and Loop Community lives are being changed every week. God is using it to better His people and to teach us to strive for excellence. As musicians we have so much more confidence and our singers have more confidence. PRIME and Loop Community has literally transformed our worship services. My church will be a lifetime Loop Community member.

Josh Calhoun

Loop Community Support is the best! For our church, we purchased a Track Rig from the very first fleet that came out. We were super happy with it and loved it. Well after 3 years of having it, it started having issues. We contacted the team, they were very friendly and ready to help any way they could. We figured out the issue was internal and we sent it in for repairs. The team was quick and we got is sent back within a week. Several months after that, it started having more issues. After going back and forth, we figured out the issue was internal again. This time Loop Community was kind enough to swap our old Track Rig with a new one. We couldn't believe their generosity, friendliness, understanding, patience, and care that they brought to our frustrating and stressful situation. We couldn't be more happy and thankful to be working with Loop Community and we wanted to express our thanks and gratitude. Thank you!

M Grant

There are so many uses for Prime and Loop community other than just at church with your band. I also use Loop community for my Voice lessons and my prayer time. I love that I can practice my voice lessons and adjust the keys of the song to fit my vocal range. I also use Prime loops for my prayer time, it brings life and energy to my Prayer times. I can adjust the tracks to match my passion while I’m praying. When my prayer times are intense and passionate I have the drums and electronic guitars going with upbeat songs. When I’m in a quite reflective mode I just have the acoustic and the pads going on some of the worship songs.

Caleb Buyer

As a small church, Tracks are a huge asset in filling instrumental holes that we aren’t able to fill otherwise. We’ve experienced a fullness in the room instrumentally that we rarely experienced before.

Ryan Marshall

Loop Community is such a great resource. We are short on musicians at our church and we recently decided to add youth worship. It was left me to get it going. Thanks to Loop Community I’m able to have a full sound while leading from keys!

Shayne John

Prime is the greatest invention ever created. It's a great way to run your tracks for Praise and Worship. One thing I love about Prime is that it's so easy to use for anything such as personal practice, band rehearsals and during a Sunday Service.

Todd Thomas

I love Community Tracks the most because of their different takes on great songs.

Ryan Huebner

I've been using this wonderful tool to lead worship in many different sizes of churches for 6 years!

Braulio Mendoza

I started using Loop Community Prime after I got tired creating setlists in Ableton, which can be time-consuming and complicated when you're new to it. So I started looking for alternatives and I came across the Prime App! It's super easy and you can build a setlist in a flash and don't have to set markers up every time!

Norma Mireles-Smith

We are a small church with no musicians. We used to use CD instrumental tracks, which had many challenges and zero freedom, but now we use the Prime App by Loop Community. It's made all the difference! No more awkward pauses in between songs, we can choose any key and we can customize the arrangement. Major game changer for us!

Will Deeds

Love using the Prime app. Our worship team has never been stronger because of using Prime. We are able to fill in the missing pieces and have a tighter sound.

Ben Payne

Loop Community has been a part of what I bring as a Worship Pastor for several years now. The cues and tracks add quality in the sound of the local church and help carry less than confident musicians. Never letting the tracks replace the volunteers of the church but strengthening their efforts by allowing them to jump in with what is happening and giving them space to grow.

Derek Young

Loop Community is a blessing.

Jose Pino

We've been using tracks to complement our worship teams since 2014, but switching to Prime recently has breathed new life into our ministry work. We can now arrange and transpose much more seamlessly. And best of all, it's so easy to use that we can eventually delegate this task to another team member, freeing us up to focus on other areas. Thanks Matt and the LC Team for all you do!

Alex Rubio

The purpose of incorporating loop community tracks into our praise and worship team was not to replace musicians but to enhance and to help us sound more full and professional. Thank you for everything you guys do at Loop community!


PRIME has really helped us out in our youth and other ministries. I love that our drummers can take it home with them to practice and learn how to set up a worship setlist themselves. Thanks for making awesome resources for churches.

Will Johnson Jr.

We're a church plant and Loops have helped us lead with excellence.

Justin Barnhart

Loop Community made it easy for me to get up and running quickly.

Brandon Grissom

Loop Community has been a life-saver! The ability to grab tracks quickly, in various keys and with different arrangements, at an affordable price, is such an amazing service to worship leaders.

Tony Sorrentino

Loop tracks are increasingly becoming an essential tool for any worship leader.

Robbie Reider

LC is a diverse tool box of creative tools for the worship leader who wants to leverage technology and creativity. Beautifully practical and designed with the end user in mind. I wish LC was around 10 years ago!

Robert Pierre

There is no better place to shop for click tracks and loops than Loop Community.

Lucas Cooper

No matter what level you or your church are at musically, Loop Community is uniquely equipped to take you to the next level!

Lucio Rubino

Loop Community tracks are a great resource for churches on a budget that want to sound full and and be able to create a pro worship experience.

Adam Ruggieri

I love both Loop Community, as well as the Prime app. Our worship teams use loops via the Prime app on a weekly basis, and it has streamline the way in which backing tracks are run. It’s smooth, seamless, and rarely (if ever) gives us any issues. LC has a great connection with their overall community, and always hears the needs and wants of both Contributors and regular users. The team at LC has made this Worship Director and musician an incredibly satisfied customer.

Skylee Shea

I have not found any other product like Looptimus and am so happy that this exact product exists!!! It is SO easy to use and as a singer/songwriter with performance tracks, Looptimus make my job 1000 times easier!

Mark Hamilton

LC's Premium Tracks sound so similar to the original recordings!

Mike Matthews

Our team just made the plunge into tracks. The only way that this was even possible was because of the affordable "Premium Tracks" and the free PRIME app. You guys are a huge blessing.

Jason Prior

We have seen a huge impact through adding loops to our service - both in the quality of experience for the congregation as well as the confidence in preparation for our musicians. This would never have been possible in our small church without the affordable and easy to implement approach that Loop Community has provided.

Jason Mikles

The PRIME app custom arrangements feature has made a huge impact on our worship services and the way my team practices each week.

Jacob Houston

I'm so grateful for Loop Community! It has allowed our church to be able to worship without the distraction of such an "empty" sound. LC has been a huge stress reliever for me and I am so thankful!

Winston Tjong-Ayong

Thank you so much for making PRIME a reality. PRIME has totally changed the way we do worship in our churches in Germany and the Netherlands. It took about 9 months for us to get used to it but now our worship has been taken to another level. It is professional and spontaneous at the same time and gives our worship leaders a confidence to lead boldly. We use it in our Sunday morning services and our monthly worship night. We now have a "full band" even if we sometimes lack some musicians.

Joel Bailey

Having a community to share with is essential to growing as an independent artist. The worship community is tight nit and very open. If you have talent, whether it be writing, performing, etc., having a community platform, like Loop Community, to share it with is the best way to gain exposure.

Ben Stafford

Thank you so much for your ministry and this amazing app! It has truly changed worship for our small church and our small youth group forever!

Ryan Hurt

I'm just so happy with y'all and wanted ya to know. I tell all my pastor friends about y'all. Especially those starting church plants , and have turned a lot your way. In a world where more and more options are becoming available just wanted ya to know I'll be a customer for life. You guys are awesome and just wanted you to know that!! God is using your gifts to Create this site in allowing worship teams all over the world lead worship on a whole new level drawing more and more people to Jesus!!!! Y'all keep up the good work!! Loop on!!!

Danny Santamarina

Loop Community has been a huge resource for my music ministry.

Daniel + Joel

What Loop Community has developed, from a musical perspective is next level! It's just crazy how we can intertwine tracks into a worship service without compromising our sound. So so thankful for this!

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