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Unfortunately, we aren't able to merge 2 accounts together. Due to licensing reasons, products are only licensed for use by the original purchaser.

You can view your order history and receipts by clicking on your profile picture or user icon at the top of the LC home page. From there, click on the "Orders & Files" tab to see your available downloads, PRIME tracks, wish lists, and order history.

Technical 101

If you're using these in a live performance, Its better if everyone in your band can hear the click track, but you can still run tracks if you don't have in ears for your band. However, you need to at least get your drummer on the click. Here is a simple and affordable way to get the click to your drummer. Basic In-Ear Diagram.

No. You can use whatever music software you prefer. You can use them with an mp3 Player, iTunes, Ableton, Reason, Garageband, Logic, etc. You name it! Also, all of our tracks are available in our FREE iPhone and iPad App, Prime. This is the easiest way to get started.


Community Tracks
Community Tracks are always in Green around the site. They are created by our team of select community producers.

Premium Tracks
Premium Tracks are always in Purple around the site. They are recorded by our professional studio to match the original.

Master Tracks
Master Tracks are always in Blue around the site. They are the original tracks from the artist or record label.

App Track
The App Track gives you the full track in PRIME, our FREE multitrack playback app. Customize your mix, change the tempo, and adjust the key all inside the app. The track is only available in the App.

Split Track
The Split Track product gives you a ZIP download to your computer that contains 3 WAV files - Split (with Click panned Left and Track panned Right), Stereo, and Cues. You also get the full track in our free playback app, PRIME.

Multi Track
The Multi Track product gives you a ZIP download to your computer with WAV files for each instrument. You can use these in your favorite music software, like Ableton Live. You also get the full track in our free playback app, PRIME.

Band Cues are a group of recorded samples that tell you and your band what the next song section is in any song. They will normally be called out in time one measure before the start of each section (example: "Verse, 2, 3, 4", etc.) You can route them alongside the click track/metronome to be heard by the band only through in-ear monitors and separate from the audience. They can be used with audio software such as Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, and more. You can purchase the official Loop Community Band Cue Pack HERE

Sorry to hear this! Please try the following:
1.) Make sure you are logged in using the same username/email you used to purchase the product.
2.) Try a different browser and Internet connection. Sometimes large files are blocked by firewalls on your network.
3.) These are very large files, so make sure you're on a FAST Internet connection.

Selling Your Tracks

Fill out an application on the Upload Page

We recommend that you start your journey with Ableton Live. You will need to have a basic understanding of MIDI programming as you get started. We offer 1-1 Training to help you get started. Sign up for Training!

PRIME MultiTrack App

If it's been a while since you first downloaded PRIME, most problems can be fixed by deleting the app and re-installing a fresh copy from the app store. If that doesn't work, please let us know.

Yes! Just tap the "Edit Song" button in the top right corner of PRIME, then tap "Edit Arrangement". You can add, delete, or drag and drop sections easily to create your own custom arrangement! If you want to go back to the original/default arrangement, just tap "Reset" at the top of screen.

Any song you purchase from will automatically show up in the app, as long as you are logged in with the same user account that was used to make the purchase.

With PRIME Cloud, you can upload your own audio into PRIME. Follow the instructions carefully and upload your audio via the PRIME Cloud Uploader!

Please make sure you're logging into PRIME using the same username or email that you used to purchase or upload the tracks.

To transpose/modulate a track's key in PRIME, simply tap the up or down arrows next to the key boxes in the bottom right corner. Any tonal stems (Piano, Guitars, Bass, etc.) will change pitch, while all percussive stems (Drums, Percussion, Claps, etc.) will not change pitch. Keep in mind that PRIME only transposes four 1/2 steps up or down from the original key.

It's possible your version of PRIME is corrupt. Please delete the app and re-install a fresh copy from the app store.

PRIME is not currently available for Android devices.

Make sure you're using an official Apple adapter. 3rd party adapters will not work. If you're using an interface (like an iConnect), contact the interface manufacturer for MIDI host support.

Please perform the following troubleshooting steps:
1.) Plug in a pair of Apple headphones and see if you still hear the click bleed. If not, then it has something to do with the way you're sending audio to your sound system.
2.) Check your iOS Settings / General / Accessibility and make sure "Mono Audio" is turned OFF.
3.) Tap the "ST / PAN" button in PRIME and see if that makes a difference.
4.) Turn down the gain on your sound system mixer. Sometimes if the gain is too high on the Click channel, the click can bleed into other channels.
5.) Try different cables. Make sure you're not using any adapters.


Yes! After you upload your audio to PRIME Cloud, launch PRIME and tap on "Edit Song". You'll be able to add your own section markers within PRIME.

Yes. Just ZIP up your split or stereo audio file and follow the instructions. The uploader will ask you whether your upload is a Split Track or a Stereo Track.

You can upload your own custom audio straight to PRIME from HERE. Follow the detailed instructions before uploading.

Looptimus Foot Controller

The best USB MIDI Foot Controller for running multi-tracks and loops in a live performance. It connects easily with any music software, such as Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, MainStage, etc. It also works seamlessly with our FREE iOS App, Loop Community Prime. For more information check out

Looptimus will work with any music software that accepts MIDI. Some examples are Ableton Live, MainStage, Logic, Reason, PRIME (our free app), and many more!

First, make sure you're using an Expression Pedal and not a Volume Pedal. Yes, there is a difference. Looptimus only works with Expression Pedals. We recommend the M-Audio EXP.

SoundPark: Patches and Presets

Patches are presets (think of templates) for keyboard sounds. You can open and use patches in specific music software, such as Ableton Live, Mainstage, Omnisphere, etc.

We're always looking for great patch producers. If you're interested in selling your patches, contact us!

To use patches, you'll need the specific music software that patch was created for. Every patch and bundle will say which Application is required to use the patch

SoundPark is a place for music creators to share and download instrument patches and presets for their favorite music software. This is a great place to find good Pad sounds, Drum sounds, Synth Presets, etc. Check out samples either by browsing songs and selecting the SoundPark tab or go straight to

Ableton Live

You're in luck! Loop Community has a team of Ableton Certified Trainers that can help you learn to use Ableton Live in your live performance or studio. To learn more, you can sign up for training!

You can learn how to adjust the key and tempo of any track in Ableton Live by watching this tutorial video HERE.

If your tracks are not lining up to the click and are out of sync, go to Ableton Live's preferences > record/warp/launch tab > make sure "Auto warp long samples" is turned OFF. Next, re-import your stems into a new session. Also make sure that the global BPM is correctly set for each scene/song.

Credits and Membership

Credits are Loop Community's own currency. You can use credits to make purchases on the website. 1 credit = $1. If a track is $9.99, it would cost 10 Credits. You can buy credits in bulk and save money on your purchases. Credit discounts are not applied to hardware or software.

Credit Bundles make it easy for you to stock up on Loop Community Credits. You can buy Credits in bulk and save money. The more Credits you buy, the more you save with bundles.

Simple. During checkout, choose "Credits" as your payment method. Your credit balance will then be used to make the purchase. You can always see your current Credit balance at the top of the website. There is a green box that says C (and the number of credits you have to spend).

Credits expire 1 year after your last credit purchase date. If you purchase a new Credit bundle, all of your current credits renew with the new purchase date. For example, if you purchase 500 credits in January and don't use all of them, they will expire on the same purchase date a year later. However, if you purchase more Credits in October, the remaining credits you had from January will now expire a year from October instead of January.

If you don't use all of your credits in a given month, your credits will roll over to the next month. However, credits expire 1 year after the last purchase date. If you purchase a new Credit bundle, all of your current credits renew.


Unfortunately, this isn't an option right now. We hope to offer track upgrading features in the future!

Because of the digital nature of our products, all sales are final. Physical product sales, such as Looptimus, also have a no-refund & returns policy.

You can always find your purchases and downloads in your Account Portal.

Sorry, no. The loops you download are limited to your own use. If someone else wants to use them, they need to make their own purchase. Please review the Terms of Service for full licensing details.

Licensing doesn't license content for streaming at this time. We highly recommend looking at all licensing guidelines from CCLI before streaming any content that you do not own or have rights to.

You are responsible for obtaining and managing a PRO License to use any Track in a public live performance. You must pay any and all license fees incurred with the live performance, display and use of the compositions. These licenses and licensing fees may include, but may not be limited to, licenses from and licensing fees paid to ASCAP, BMI, CCLI and/or SESAC. Loop Community is not responsible in any way for this use case. For more information about these licenses, please contact ASCAP, BMI, or CCLI

Whatever you want, as long as you obtain proper licensing for your intended use. Some ways people use the tracks are: Personal rehearsal, live performance, listening, practicing mixing techniques. Whoever pays for the tracks, is granted the license to use them. Sharing of files is not permitted in any way.

Every track on has already been properly licensed from the song publisher for distribution. However, you still need to have proper licensing in place if you choose to use these in a live performance. You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining licenses and licensing fees, if any are incurred, for the use of these recordings. These licenses and licensing fees may include, but may not be limited to, licenses from and licensing fees paid to CCLI, ASCAP, BMI, and/or SESAC. Purchasing a loop from Loop Community does not give you permission to record, distribute, or publish any song.