Loop Community Looptimus USB MIDI Foot Controller

Key Features

  • Made from high quality powder-coated aluminum
  • 9 Heavy Duty, long life foot switches
  • 20 Banks, 6 MIDI notes per bank
  • Assignable program changes per button
  • PAD mode: play synths or pads with your feet
  • Dedicated 'STOP' button across all banks
  • 5-pin MIDI & expression jack
  • All-access bank & 16 MIDI channels
  • USB bus powered or 9V power supply
  • 8x5" x 5" x 1.5"

The Ultimate Foot Controller for Running Tracks in Live Performance

Works with PRIME, Ableton Live, MainStage and any other MIDI capable application!

Looptimus works with Prime, Ableton Live, Mainstage and more

Midi Notes

Use Looptimus to trigger your music software by using assignable MIDI notes over USB.

In Note mode, you are given 20 banks with A - F buttons in each bank. Each button sends out an individual MIDI note that can be assigned in your application (i.e. Ableton or MainStage).

Program Changes

Use Looptimus to change your presets or patches on guitar pedals and other MIDI devices!

In Program Change mode, you can assign a specific Program Change number to each button. As well as sending out Program Changes, Looptimus will simultaneously send out MIDI notes. This means you can trigger your tracks as well as changes presets on your guitar pedals!

Pad Mode

Use Looptimus to play software instruments like synths or pads with your feet!

In Pad mode, use the Next and Previous buttons to select your Key. Then use buttons 1 - 6 to play the corresponding chord for that key! You can go up or down 2 octaves either way and also use an expression pedal to fade your instrument in and out! Pad mode plays 5ths.

Instruction Manual

Check out the latest instruction manual for your reading enjoyment and learn more about Looptimus!

Watch Video Tutorials

You can learn more by watching video demonstrations about how you can use Looptimus!

Common Questions

  • How are most people using the controller in Ableton?
    There are so many ways to use Looptimus. One of the main ways people use it is by assigning button 1A to Song 1 in their setlist, 1B to Song 2, etc. You can also break up your songs into sections and use a bank for each song. Song 1 is Bank 1. Intro is A, Verse is B, Chorus is C, etc. Get creative and make it work for how YOU perform.
  • What kind of Expression Pedal should I use?
    Most expression pedals should work with Looptimus, however, we recommend pedals that are stereo TRS, 10k. Our favorites are the Roland EV-5 or the M-Audio EXP. The expression pedal functions as a control change parameter in your MIDI application.
  • Do I need to use USB or the 5-pin MIDI jack?
    The beauty of Looptimus is that you can use both at the same time or just the one you prefer! The same messages and commands are sent out both jack simultaneously. This allows you to control multiple devices!
  • Ableton sees Looptimus, but it's not assigning notes. Help!
    Under Ableton Live preferences, select the MIDI tab. Next to 'Looptimus', make sure the 'Remote' switch is turned ON. If you're using Looptimus to play pads, make sure the 'Track' switch is turned on as well.
  • How does Looptimus work with PRIME?
    Besides perfectly? Well... Simply plug in Looptimus using an Apple USB Adapter. Button 1A will start song 1, button 1B will start song 2, etc. The STOP button will stop all audio. In All Access Mode, buttons A and D will change the tempo while buttons B and E will change the key of the selected track.
Looptimus USB MIDI Foot Controller

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