Band Cues

Download the official Loop Community Band Cue Pack, featuring over 50 band cues in both English and Spanish. Also includes an Ableton Drum Rack Preset and NNXT Reason Patch.

Space Remover App by Loop Community

Use this app to automatically remove the extra space at the end of your Ableton Live file exports. This app will save you time! Learn more here:

Click Sounds

This Click Sound pack comes with 5 click sounds: LC Default, Beep, Marimba, Rim and Digital (sounds like Ableton Click). Each sound comes with an Up and Down accent.

LC Mainstage Template

This template for Mainstage 3 makes it easy to use your Loop Community tracks in MainStage. Developed by our in-house MainStage guru, it's a fantastic balance between on-stage flexibility, control, and simplicity. This template comes with a guide on using the template and taking LC tracks from download to performance.

MainStage Looptimus Template

This Mainstage 3 template uses the Looptimus to control Tap Tempo, change patches, and turn a layer, delay send, and reverb send on and off. With an optional expression pedal, it can control the master output volume as well.

LC Ableton Worship Template

Begin creating your master loop library with Matt McCoy's Ableton Worship Template. This was created using Live 9.

Advanced Ableton Template

This template gives you a jump start in creating your own live set. Includes pads, dynamic click, dynamic cues, and MIDI triggers for use with ProPresenter. Compatible with Live Standard and Suite.

LC SoftStep Preset

The LC SoftStep preset consists of 14 banks, each with 9 assignable buttons. Button 0 is the same on all banks and can be used as a global stop button. Perfect for using in a worship service and live performance. This preset is no longer supported by LC. This is a preset only. Pedal is sold separately.


Be spontaneous with Loops in your live performance! LoopKit includes over 100 sets of generic Loops that you can use in your performance with any song or arrangement. Delivered as an Ableton Session View File. Requires Live 9 Standard or Suite. WATCH: