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This might surprise some of you, but I love using Loops and MultiTracks in worship!

I Do.

Not only do I think it’s a great way to add creative expression and fresh sounds to your worship, but I am convinced that they can help take you’re band to a new level. You will sound much better, and play together much tighter. A click track is glue for the pieces of your band. I promise that once you start using multi tracks and loops in worship, you won’t turn back. Ive heard story after story of worship leaders who struggle to get their band to “agree” to playing with tracks. But here is what happens: Once that band starts playing with tracks, they realize how full, huge and good they can sound. They’ll start getting compliments from people in the congregation… “Wow… you guys sounded so good this morning!”, “It sounded so full!”. Once they hear this, they won’t want to play with out tracks. If the technology is available to us, why not use it?

But here is where I think it gets dangerous.

If you are consistently using tracks to replace musicians in your band.

Here are some reason people use MultiTracks. Maybe you are a church of 20 people and you have zero musicians. Maybe your bass player calls in sick the last minute and there’s no one else that can fill in. Maybe you are annoyed by the attitude of your keyboard player who refuses to improvise with chord charts, so you’d rather just replace her by using tracks.

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