Re-ignite Your Passion – Use Loops in Worship

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In the spring of 2011 I found myself in somewhat of a dry spell, a rut both musically and in my worship. My band had tons of songs we have played for quite some time and it seemed that we had climaxed as a band, essentially in my mind this was as good as leading worship could be for me. Then one afternoon while browsing through YouTube I stumbled across a video from Matt McCoy talking about how he used something called “loops” in their worship and a few google searches later I found LoopCommunity.

After signing up for free on the site and perusing the forums I made the decision to give it a shot. I invested in a midi pedal, a copy of Ableton Live and combined with some other gear I already owned I was set to go.

From the first time I used a loop during rehearsal I was hooked!!!! This simple addition added so much to what was already a very good band and had re-sparked a creativity in me that gave me a hunger and desire to learn, play and write again.

Now I know what you may be thinking, “backing tracks suck”, and to respond to that yes, at one time they did. Back in the day you were stuck with a fixed arrangement and digital instruments just didn’t sound good, but now the technology is changed. Your arrangements can be as diverse and creative as you would want them to be and the high quality VST’s out there are simply astounding compared to the old days. Check out the video to see how I use Loops in Worship.

Don’t get stagnant in your week in and week out routine in leading worship. Re-ignite your passion for music and your passion for worship will follow.

Paul Case
Worship and Media Director
The Promise