Band Transitions

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I want to explore what a good transition is. I want to learn about what is working for other worship leaders and how you transition your band. You might be able to get through a song and everything went great but if the transition bombs it throws the whole mood of the experience. Sad to say but people get distracted very easily.

Just last week I was leading worship at our High school service and I had one of those awkward transition moments. You know the ones I’m talking about where it feels like an eternity before the song starts. Our band had just come out of a super seriours monologue skit and we were transitioning into How He Loves. The whole transition was depending on me because I was starting the lead part on electric. So the keys player started playing a nice pad sound(Compliments to Seeds Resource for the free reason patches) and I was ready to come in with my part and my guitar just wouldn’t work! Something happened with my pedal board and I had no sound (I’m sure you all have been in this position at one time or another). So I tried to signal the leader to start the song and he waits for a while and then BAM!!! My guitar regains its glorious tone filled sound and the awkward waiting transition is over. The only reason this was not a completely off the chain awkward moment is because the Keys where playing underneath the band while we transitioned into the next song.

You need to work very hard in your rehersal times to make the transitions great. I spend time each week making sure all our transitions make sense and flow together. If you have questions about transitions or have some great ideas on how you transition you band please leave a comment.

About the Author:
Jake Stemo is a worship leader from Wichita, Kansas. Go check out his band In All Things Love