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Are you trying to get the perfect keys sound for a song? Using patches designed for worship can be a great way to enhance the sound of your band. We have linked many of our patches to popular worship songs, so that you know which patches will fit right in with the track!

Here’s an example of patches that work great with the Premium Tracks for “See A Victory”!

Here is a current list of our top tens songs along with their linked patches:

  1. The Blessing – Elevation Worship
    Rich Arp
    Lush JP8 Pad
    Compressed Piano Hall
  2. Graves into Gardens – Elevation Worship
    Let’s Go To Church B3
    Stranger Themes Synth
    Airy Pad
  3. Raise A Hallelujah – Bethel Music
    Jesus Nieves Helix Bundle
    Pulsating Symphony
  4. Way Maker – Leeland
    Way Grand
    Warm Blanket
    Soft String Pluck
  5. See A Victory – Elevation Worship
    Pluck Piano
    Delicate Synth Bell
  6. Way Maker – Sinach
    Dusty Church Bells
    Sneaky Synth
    The Piano
  7. Everlasting God – William Murphy
    Grand Piano
    Slow Dark Pad
  8. Goodness of God – Bethel Music
    The Heart Is Strong
    My Ideal ePiano
  9. This Is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
    Stereo Synth Bass
    FM Pluck Arp
    Too Much
  10. Lion and the Lamb – Bethel Music
    1E & Synth
    Orchestral Vibes
    Sidechain FX Synth

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