Top 3 Features in Prime

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Prime is a completely free app that was designed by Loop Community to make running tracks in worship easy.

1. Stability – As worship leaders, we know how important it is to have a stable app for running your tracks. We know that for your worship services to go smoothly, you rely on that stability. This is why Loop Community has a team of over 100 people who test every version of Prime before we release it publicly to the AppStore. We are proud that Prime has a crash free rate above 99.8%!

2. Quick Edits – With just a single tap (literally), you can change the key and tempo of any song immediately, in real-time. No waiting for audio to process. You can also live jump to any section of the song spontaneously or move / add / remove any section of a song to customize the arrangement. With Prime, it’s never been easier or faster to customize a song to fit the needs of your church.

3. Crossfade On Demand – With a single tap, you can crossfade from any song in your setlist to another song while playing. This makes for smooth transitions between songs or speaking moments using our free Prime Pads. Prime also comes with 5 different transition options to help you automate your setlist.

…and did we mention that Prime is a completely FREE app?


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