3 Things To Know About Using Multitracks in Online Church Services

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, churches everywhere had to quickly scramble to figure out how to stream their worship services online. This added a lot of new questions for worship leaders like “How do I set up a livestream?”, “What technology do I need to buy?” or “Am I legally allowed to use tracks in online worship?”

Here is everything you need to know about how to legally use multitracks in your online worship service.

1. Can I legally stream multitracks online?

Thankfully there is exciting news on this front. CCLI just released a new license called the Streaming Plus License. If you purchase the Streaming Plus License for your church, you are now legally allowed to live stream all Master Recordings and multitracks in your online services. So, if you use tracks from Loop Community and purchase a Streaming Plus License, you’re covered and good to go.  

2. What type of tracks does it cover? 

The great news is that the tracks you purchase from LoopCommunity.com are covered by the CCLI Streaming Plus License. This includes Community, Premium, Enhancement – and even original Master Tracks! If you’re using Loop Community and CCLI together, this makes the process extremely easy. 

3. What does the license allow me to do? 

The new license allows you to stream your worship services that contain multitracks and master recordings. This also includes being able to post any pre-recorded services that may contain tracks. However, even if you have the license, there is a small chance you may still be flagged by platforms like YouTube and Facebook. If this happens, just make sure that you are not monetizing the video and accept any dispute request to run ads on it.

If you use tracks from Loop Community and already have a Streaming License from CCLI, you can easily upgrade to the Streaming Plus License on their website.  

Online services are a great way to reach a much wider community with your worship, and now with the Streaming Plus License from CCLI you can make sure all of your tracks are streamed legally. So, if you are using tracks in your worship services, go to CCLI.com and purchase or upgrade to the Streaming Plus License today!

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