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Ableton Live

Ableton Live

Can I share a rehearsal track with my team outside of Prime?

Getting your worship teams the tracks ahead of time is a great way to help them rehearse and come prepared on Sunday morning. Learn how to create different types of rehearsal tracks in Ableton Live using tracks from LoopCommunity.com.

My tracks are out of sync in Ableton Live.

If your tracks are not lining up to the click and are out of sync, go to Ableton Live's preferences > record/warp/launch tab > make sure "Auto warp long samples" is turned OFF. Next, re-import your stems into a new session. Also make sure that the global BPM is correctly set for each scene/song.

How do I change the key and tempo in Ableton Live?

You can learn how to adjust the key and tempo of any track in Ableton Live by watching this tutorial video

How do I use Ableton Live in worship?

You're in luck! Loop Community has a team of Ableton Certified Trainers that can help you learn to use Ableton Live in your live performance or studio.

How do I map a MIDI device in Ableton Live?

Check out this detailed tutorial video

How do I map "hotkeys" from my computer keyboard in Ableton Live?

By utlizing the Key Mapping mode in Ableton, you can quickly map buttons on your computer keyboard to trigger different functions within your session.

How do I group tracks in Ableton Live?

You can easily group multiple stems into one track to control volume, timing, and more.

How do I create song sections in Session View?

You can also create song sections in session view by watching this tutorial

How do I customize an arrangement in Ableton Live?

For best results, follow along in this video on

How do I build a setlist in Ableton Live?

To build your own setlist in Ableton Live, check out this video tutorial

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