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Can I use tracks I purchase in streaming live video?

Yes! You just need the Streaming Plus License from CCLI. https://us.ccli.com/streaming/

Can I upgrade my tracks to the full version?

You are able to upgrade tracks from the "In-App Only" version to the "In-App Only and File Download" version. In your account downloads, click on the Upgrade button next to any track you'd like to upgrade to the full download version. The cost to upgrade is the difference in the price of the tracks plus an administration fee. Split Track purchases are not able to be upgraded.

What is the difference between the In-App Only, File Download and Split Track formats?

When you are purchasing tracks on LoopCommunity.com, there are three different track formats to choose from. It's important to make sure you choose the correct format for how you are running tracks. - In-App Only gives you the full multitrack in our app Prime - In-App and File Download lets you use the track in our app Prime, and also download the full multitrack zip file. If you use Ableton Live, Logic, or another DAW, this is the version you want. - Split Tracks are a great option if you want a simple backing track. Mix the track in our online mixer and after you purchase it you will get a file with these files: Click.wav, Cues.wav, Stereo.wav, and Split.wav. The Stereo file contains all of the instruments on one file. The Split file is the instruments panned to the right and click & cues panned left. You will also get the track in the Prime App, but you will not be able to mix individual instruments.

How do I request a song?

If you can't find the song you want to purchase, send us an email to support@loopcommunity.com

What are Split Tracks?

This is a great new option for people who need accompaniment tracks, rehearsal tracks, or a simplified version of a track. You can mute and adjust the volume of instruments all within your browser using our custom mixer. After purchasing, you will receive 4 high-quality WAV files: Click, Cues, Stereo Mix and Split Mix (click on left, tracks on right). Also, all of your Split Track purchases will automatically be available to you in Prime with section markers!

How do I listen to my tracks before I purchase them?

On Loop you can listen to any track before you purchase it! Use the Loop Mixer to listen to the entire track or use the Solo and Mute buttons to listen to individual instruments. This lets you know exactly what you're getting before you purchase it.

Where do I find my track downloads?

This depends on the type of product you purchased. If you purchased a Prime Only track, it will automatically be available to you in our free iOS & macOS app called Prime. You can download it for free in the app store. If you purchased a ZIP product, you can access your download files by going to your account and clicking on "Purchases"

We are multi-site. Do we need to buy additional copies?

Yes. Each multi-site campus needs to own their own copy of the Track. Tracks are licensed for single use. At this time, we recommend that each campus have their own account to purchase tracks with.

Can I share my tracks with other people?

Sorry, no. The tracks you download are limited to your own use. If someone else wants to use them, they need to make their own purchase. Please review the Terms of Service for full licensing details.

Do I need Ableton Live to use your tracks?

No, but you can! All of our tracks work automatically and perfectly in our free app PRIME. If you purchase the full version, you'll receive a ZIP file with the individual .wav files that you can use in Ableton Live.

How do I make my own tracks?

Now you're speaking our language! We love teaching others how to produce their own tracks. Check out this video series we did on create your own tracks.

How do I sell my tracks on Loop?

Selling your tracks on Loop is a great way to make extra income with the music you create. If you're interested in becoming a Loop Producer, you can apply by clicking on the upload button at the top of the website and choose "To Sell".

What are Click and Cues?

Click and Cues are tracks that help your band stay in time and together. The Click is a metronome that helps everyone play at a consistent tempo. The Cues is a voice track that will guide your band through the song (Chorus, 2, 3, 4!). You'll be amazed at how much tighter your band sounds while playing with a Click and Cue. It is the #1 thing you can do to enhance the sound of your band.

Do I need in-ear monitors?

When using tracks, it's important that your band can hear the click to stay in time with the tracks. It's best if everyone in your band can hear the click, but at mininimum, your drummer should be able to hear the click. If you don't have an in-ear monitor system, as long as your drummer can hear the click, you'll be fine!

What is the difference between Community, Premium and Master Tracks?

Community tracks are made by our community producers. Premium tracks are made by our LC studio team to match the original track as close as possible. Master track are the album stems straight from the artist.

What are Tracks?

Multitracks are all of the individual stem files from the song. This way you can use what instruments you want and can take out what you don't want, giving you more control over your live performance.

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