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Prime Cloud

Can I add my own section markers?

Yes! Within Prime, you can add your own custom section markers to any of your personal Prime Cloud tracks that you uploaded.

What do I do if my uploaded track has a time signature or tempo change?

Prime's dynamic click does not recognize tempo or time signature changes in a track. So if there is a tempo change, you will want to turn Generate Dynamic Click off in your settings, so that Prime uses the Click Track you uploaded. For time signature changes, Prime will work great on songs with occasional split bars (a 2/4 bar in a 4/4 song or a 3/8 bar in a 6/8 song). However, if a song in 4/4 has a split bar we recommend using an 8th note click or turning off the click accent in the "dynamic click" song settings. If you use a generated quarter note click that is accented the split bar will not change and beat 3 will now be accented. Adjusting the settings of your dynamic click as mentioned above will accommodate for the split bar and there will be no confusion from the accented downbeat. For other time signature changes, you will want to turn Generate Dynamic Click off in your settings to use the uploaded Click Track.

How do I upload my own audio to Prime?

We make this easy for you. With Prime Cloud, you can upload your own audio to use and customize in Prime. Simply click the "Upload" button at the top of the website and choose "Personal" as the track type. Follow the instructions carefully and in no time, all of your audio will be available to you within Prime.

My custom track upload is in the wrong time signature

You can edit your Prime Cloud uploads in your account settings.

Can I upload a Split or Stereo Track?

Yes! Make sure you have zipped your track file and upload the zip file to your Prime cloud. When uploading a single file you'll have the option to choose whether your file is a stereo track or split track (click and cues to the left, full track to the right).

My custom uploaded tracks aren't lining up to the click in Prime

Makes sure you exported your tracks to the grid in your music software. It's important that they line up to a click in Ableton Live or Garageband. Also, make sure that you entered the BPM correctly when you uploaded the track to Prime Cloud. You can always edit this in your Prime Cloud settings.

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